OPEC oil quotas: Keith Boyfield comments on repercussions stemming from production cuts in October 2022

10 October 2022



Poland-EU | Thousands of Polish demonstrate to defend EU membership: Keith Boyfield

7 November 2021



Keith Boyfield interviewed by Nick Hewer on Honda’s decision to close its UK car factory in Swindon – BBC Radio

02 April 2019

Interview at 2 hours 6 minutes on BBC website >>


Achieving sustainable economic development in Africa

12 September 2018


Day After The Westminster Terror Atrocity – Live Program on Al Jazeera on International Terrorism and Religious Toleration

23 March 2017


13/3/2017 مرآة الصحافة

March 2017


Keith Boyfield discusses human rights in Turkey with a senior adviser to President Erdogan, Al Jazeera

August 2016


Brexit, Chilcot, Ramadan… what do the experts know? (Radio France Internationale)
July 2016.


Al Jeezera – Keith Boyfield discussing UK exit from EU with Lord (David) Owen, the former British Foreign Secretary.
June 2016.


Where next for the Northern Powerhouse? A panel discussion with the Minister responsible for the Northern Powerhouse initiative.


Even Thatcher didn’t want to privatise the Royal Mail


Inside Story – Tax avoidance: Legality vs morality


Plantation Agriculture: Cure or Curse? | Institute of Economic Affairs

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