Day After The Westminster Terror Atrocity – Live Program on Al Jazeera on International Terrorism and Religious Toleration

23 March 2017


13/3/2017 مرآة الصحافة

March 2017


Keith Boyfield discusses EU and Goldman Sachs on Russian Television, RT

September 2016


Keith Boyfield discusses human rights in Turkey with a senior adviser to President Erdogan, Al Jazeera

August 2016


Brexit, Chilcot, Ramadan… what do the experts know? (Radio France Internationale)
July 2016.


Al Jeezera – Keith Boyfield discussing UK exit from EU with Lord (David) Owen, the former British Foreign Secretary.
June 2016.


Where next for the Northern Powerhouse? A panel discussion with the Minister responsible for the Northern Powerhouse initiative.


Yay to Yuan! Chinese currency overtakes euro in trade


Even Thatcher didn’t want to privatise the Royal Mail


Inside Story – Tax avoidance: Legality vs morality


Ruble Flux: EU businesses hit hard by weak Russian currency


Keith Boyfield profile on CityAM >>


Plantation Agriculture: Cure or Curse? | Institute of Economic Affairs

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